Old Man Winter blows through....

As many of us in different areas of the US are experiencing nasty winter weather, this not only effects us individually but many businesses as well. A disaster can be a number of different things during this time of year – power outage, burst pipes, icy travels, etc. Recently Winter Storm Leon hit the southern areas from Texas all the way to Carolinas. Some areas took precaution to prepare for this storm, but others...not so much.  

In Georgia, advanced warnings were given but immediate action wasn't taken to prepare for the dangers this storm would bring. Atlanta was left in a Gridlock, children were stranded at their schools with their teachers for 2-3 days because parents were unable to reach them. While this is a physical weather disaster, the same speaks true for your clients data. A law office preparing for a huge trial looses all the case information, an accounting firm looses hundreds of tax return information, or a doctor office loses all their patients files all due to a server or network crash.


During these critical times you want to have reliable security and recovery at the touch of button. Servosity covers these areas and gives you the assurance that your clients data is safely backed up. Not only will your data be safe and secure, but in the event of a disaster, you will be able to pull your network from any remote device and be back up in business within minutes.



What steps are you taking to prepare for a disaster???