Top 25 Features of New Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Top 25 Features of New Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Servosity releases two new cloud based disaster recovery solutions. These online backup services meet or exceed each of the 25 key indicators of tier one disaster recovery services.


Servosity, provider of Backup and Disaster Recovery for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and IT Resellers, announced today DR Server and DR Desktop. DR Server and DR Desktop are Disaster Recovery solutions that allow you to perform a Bare Metal Recovery to dis-similar physical hardware or recover VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines.


DR Desktop is designed for computers running desktop operating systems and DR Server is designed for server operating systems. Both provide the ability to backup physical and virtual machines and recover to any physical or virtual machine. Prior to the release of DR Desktop and DR Server, Disaster Recovery was too costly and/or too complex for MSPs and IT Resellers serving small and midsize businesses. Now they have a simple and cost-effective solution that not only works on Physical Machines, but works with VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and more. With no hardware required, and pay as you go pricing, the cost and capital barrier to entry is removed for small and midsize businesses.


Take the test; does your current disaster recovery provider measure up? Disaster Recovery Service Checklist for Managed Service Providers:


1. Can you take transactionally-correct Hot/Live bare-metal image backups? 2. Can you recover to anything? Dissimilar hardware, recover virtual to physical, vice versa? 3. Backup to Local Device, Network, and Cloud? 4. RPO (Recovery Point Objective) for Images of 15 minutes (local and in the Cloud) 5. RPO for data of <1 minute 6. RTO (Recovery Time Objective) <1 hour for entire server 7. Can you restore individual files instead of the entire server? 8. Can you restore Exchange mail items in addition to Exchange? 9. Cross platform – Windows, Mac, Linux 10. Physical or Virtual -- Physical, VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, Virtual Box 11. Do you have a product designed for desktops/laptops? 12. Can it be setup, download, installed, and configured in 5 minutes or less? 13. Do you have a web-services API to integrate with anything we desire? 14. Can we do bulk/push installs? 15. Can we manage everything online, or do we have to remote-in to change backup schedules? 16. Does the software auto-update or do we have to install upgrades? 17. Are ALL your Data Centers SAS-70 Type-II Audited? 18. Do you store ALL my data in 2 or more data centers located at least 100 miles apart? 19. Do you offer 24x7 Support? Does that cost extra? 20. Where is your support team located? 21. Do you sell Directly to Businesses? 22. Priced for Small and Midsize Business (S in SMB), under $20/month for starters? 23. Do I have to buy software or storage in blocks or is it pay as you go? 24. What are you monthly/annual minimums as a partner? 25. Is there any hardware required?


Managed Service Providers and IT Resellers interested in Servosity’s Backup and Disaster Recovery services can visit or call 1-800-429-0500. Quiz Servosity, and see if they pass the test.